Scar on the Stone: Contemporary Poetry from Bosnia

ScarontheStoneScar on the Stone:
Contemporary Poetry from Bosnia
Bloodaxe Books, 1998
Edited by Chris Agee
ISBN: 1-85224-415-1

“One of the most important volumes in English brought into print as a result of the worldwide attention paid to the Bosnian war.”

— Stephen Schwartz

“If we turn to another great anthology produced by Bloodaxe in 1998, Chris Agee’s collection of Bosnian prose and poetry, Scar on the Stone, we might remember the work of mourning that has still to be performed before the great United States of Europe is inaugurated. In gathering the voices of witnesses to the terrible war, the vicious days of Sarajevo, Agee produced an invaluable set of documents about the impact of history on ordinary citizen imaginations, even into the hell of Omarska.”

— Adam Piette, Translation and Literature 14